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Founded in 1964, SIFCOL PLC stands as Tunisia’s 1st industrial company in the manufacture of adhesives and their derivatives.

Leveraging over 50 years of expertise, SIFCOL is dedicated to providing its partners with the highest levels of responsiveness, competitiveness, quality, and reliability.

Our Research and Development department strives to develop and adapt innovative solutions tailored to the business sectors we serve. Thanks to the quality of its innovative products, SIFCOL now has over 2,000 professional customers in Tunisia and 6 African countries. SIFCOL’s performance is attributed to the
commitment and dynamism of its employees, who are dedicated to serving customers and meeting their needs.

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We offer specific solutions adapted to your business and technology.

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ISO 9001 / OHSAS 18001 Certified

The implementation of an integrated Quality- Safety Management System has enabled SIFCOL to better control its various processes and to ensure consistent quality while complying with regulatory and legal requirements related to health and safety in the workplace.


SIFCOL is grateful for its customers. You have chosen our company for a variety of reasons, namely our expertise, quality, customer service, and value. We are thankful for your trust and are committed to providing you with:


Outstanding customer service


High-quality products and services

A targeted and prompt response to your needs