SIFCOL depuis 1964

Politique Qualité

Since 1964, SIFCOL has continuously strived to give its best and expand in the field of design, manufacturing, and marketing of adhesives and its derivatives. Our mastery of the craft is demonstrated by the diversification of our product ranges to meet the needs of our customers in the local and African markets.
In accordance with the purpose, vision, and mission arising from our strategic orientation, the SMQS (Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management System) policy must demand a service of the highest level of professionalism to create a credible image necessary for building trust with customers and stakeholders. It is in the spirit of respecting these challenges that the management commits to ensuring the continuous improvement of the SMQS, meeting its compliance obligations with applicable requirements, eliminating hazards, reducing risks for occupational health and safety, and ensuring the consultation and participation of workers.

Axes Politique Qualité

All SIFCOL personnel must be aware of their role in the constant pursuit of continuous improvement. This pertains not only to the services provided to customers but also to the performance of professional practices and adherence to the objectives of this policy using these axes :
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the SMQS and ensure continuous improvement in quality and occupational health and safety (SST) performance through clear responsibilities and management guidance.
  • Promote awareness and consciousness among our workers.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Enhance the safety of our personnel and external stakeholders by preventing occupational hazards, pollution, personal harm, and health-related issues.
  • Ensure optimal productivity of our production units through operational control of planning and effective maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.
  • Ensure the availability of products and services provided by external suppliers, as well as the maintenance and updating of our sourcing base.
  • Ensure the quality of our products through the establishment of a dynamic research and development process and the mastery of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) activities.
  • Increase market share locally and internationally by sustaining customer satisfaction and loyalty while respecting their expectations.
  • Ensure the financial sustainability of the organization by managing the budgeting of our investments and adhering to our commitments with stakeholders.
  • Develop the skills, involvement, and professional best practices of our personnel.

Specific objectives are defined to concretize SIFCOL’s SMQS policy and provide a framework for the establishment, review, and updating of its objectives internally and with respect to stakeholders during management reviews or exceptionally upon request from the executive management.